Specialist for German Audio Market available


I am passionate about one industry: consumer electronics.


My focus here is audio. Whether it is

about high fidelity, high end audio, home theater,

stereo, computer audio or wireless audio: 

I know the scene. 


I am an expert in consumer electronics PLUS

marketing and content with vast experience in

writing, online marketing, product management, technical support, sales, PR and more.


With this professional background I am offering a

wide range of services - all based on my profound knowledge of consumer electronics as well as my expertise in marketing this sort of products,

especially in the german market.

Whatever you need  - a german owners manual, translation of a website, market research, supporting your trade fair exhibition, distributing press releases, consultations about the german market in general - if it is consumer electronics I am the right man.


My aim for your company is to gain visibility, sales and market share on the very competitive but still profitable german audio market.

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About me

I love music. And high class sound. And all the equipment for reproducing this sound. For 40 years I have been in the CE-industry convincing people on the benefits of a superior sounding audio system; the intensive experience of getting as close to the heart of the music as possible.


In audio, in my professional life - I have done it all: journalism, radio, translation, dj, sales, support, PR, editing, marketing offline and online. 

For example I have been working for nine years as content manager in charge at Lautsprecher Teufel, the largest direct-marketing manufacturer of audio products in Europe. 


Currently I am staff writer for the online magazine www.i-fidelity.net.


Via contxt I am available for all kinds of services in the consumer electronics industry: for a job, for a day, for a project. Here for you!

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